#2 WIP Wednesday- Word Quilts

Fabric for my  inspirational word quilts are in the dryer. I wash all my fabric before I start a project. I look for fabric with a big flower or motif that I can center my word quilts with. Most came from left over pieces of scrap fabric from other projects.

Shiva paints out and ready to stencil some words onto my white Kona fabric. That is my goal today is to get 5 words stenciled onto my pieces of fabric. I have a custom order to do this week.  Once the words are stenciled onto  the fabric I have to let the paint sit for 24 to 48 hours before I use my iron to heat set the paint.  The first time I didn’t read the instruction on my “Shiva Paints” and had to clean my iron, throw away my iron board cover and well lets just say you couldn’t tell what the words where! LOL

Shiva Paints

Shiva Paints

Next is to quilt the two that are already sandwich together and are ready to quilt. I try to piece a lot of my word quilts at once. Have all the binding and the sleeves with labels done before I start quilting. I hate to make the binding at the end when I am finished quilting. If I make my binding before I start quilting it seems I get my quilts done faster. This is not true really but in my mind I think it does!

Two ready to quilt

Two ready to quilt


#108 Forgive#97 trust



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3 responses to “#2 WIP Wednesday- Word Quilts

  1. I always love to see these wonderful word quilts! You really do a great job of capturing the sentiment in your quilting!

  2. Ann

    Your word quilts are just stunning! Thanks for the peek into your studio!

  3. Great post. I guess it’s time for me to finally try my Shiva paints.

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