Chapter 2: “Earth Textures”

Chapter 2 : The Story Behind the Quilt ~ “Earth Textures”

We used to travel a lot. When we built our home in Maine we kind of settled in and didn’t travel as much but just in the local area within a days drive. I was sitting on the couch and asked my husband would he like to just take off and explore for a couple of months. Our cats had passed, the house was quiet and I felt like I needed some inspiration for my quilting. Our goal was to hit as many National Parks as we could see in about two months time frame. We packed the car with some clothes, camping gear, and headed out. We went from Maine all the way to Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, California, Utah and a several others. We camped at about a dozen national parks. Setting up a tent and heading out to hike and see as much as we could. A lot of time was spent in the car getting from one park to another but saw a lot of the country.

I came back with a lot of ideas. I wanted to try some raw edge appliqué. Something I never really did before. I always thought you had to satin stitch around any appliqué that you did, but I noticed not everyone did this! You don’t have to!

“Earth Textures” was based on some macro photo’s my husband took. A sunflower ready to open, mushrooms, a rock, a sea urchin and a leaf. Drawing on a piece of muslin I wanted the piece behind the photo’s to have movement so I drew some small flowing pieces. Cutting out each piece of material from hundreds of scraps of neutral  tone color fabrics  I applied an iron-on adhesive (heat n  bond) to each piece separately and layered the quilt top. I left space for each of the macro photo’s that I transferred onto fabric using Miracle Fabric Sheets from Then I added an inner small boarder and a larger boarder to frame the piece.

Muslin is marked!

Muslin is marked!

Close up of macro photo of sunflower.

Close up of macro photo of sunflower.

Using variegated thread of brown to tan I just quilted free form up and down the quilt to add more texture to the top of the quilt. Each piece of material has a raw edge but plenty of thread stitched over it to hold them in place.  Around each photo I sewed hemp to give it even more texture. Then I added round alabaster and wood beads to the quilt top. The small inner border of the quilt also has hemp sewn to it. The back is a label with another photo my husband took at Arches National Park, one of our stops.

Finished Quilt!

Finished Quilt!

Photo Label

Photo Label



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4 responses to “Chapter 2: “Earth Textures”

  1. Gayle

    Great post, love the quilt!

  2. Kathy kinsella

    A gorgeous art quilt, Patricia … I love the way you incorporated the photos!

  3. Beautiful work, Patricia. I loved reading about your trip and how you created this piece of art.

  4. Pat

    I remember what a leap that was for you to do the raw edge applique! Love what you did with the photos. Can’t wait to read about your next adventure!

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