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Chapter 1 – Into The Light

    Did you ever buy a piece of fabric that as soon as you saw it you just had to have it? Not for any project that you could think of, but because it was so beautiful you must have it for your collection. That is what happened when I saw this wonderful hand dyed piece of fabric. I looked at the price and had to swallow my tongue. Who would ever pay that price for one piece of fabric? Me! The fabric sat in my stash for a couple of years.


    Something happened then–one of my cats passed away. I wanted to do a quilt with her in it. At that time I was a very traditionalist quilter. Every line had to be marked that I was quilting and I thought out each pattern. I was going through my fabric and found my dyed piece. I thought I am just going to cut it in big straight lines and add black between. Then I staggered the fabric so it looked like a rainbow. I just started transferring photo’s onto fabric and I wanted my cat “Patches” in the quilt. I also used photo transfer with some butterflies.


    Then I started quilting. Large flowers started popping up. No marking just going for it. I used variegated thread that I have never used before. I loved it. I didn’t stay in the lines between the strips of fabric I just ignored them. And quilted, quilted, quilted. In the past, I just put in enough quilting that I thought made the quilt look good. My thoughts on that changed that day — now I love lots of quilting! At the end I added ruched  (folded fabric) butterflies that were made by a friend for me. I was putting on the binding to this quilt when I got a call that told me the friend who made the butterflies had passed also. So the quilt is like a memory quilt. A year later “Patch’s” sister passed and for some reason there was one section on the quilt that didn’t have any quilting so I photo transferred her onto fabric and added her to this quilt.


    This is where my journey began to think out side the box and try something new and different with my quilting.



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